Benefits of wellness programming:
Greater productivity
Higher morale & retention
Lower health care costs
— What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs? Harvard Business Review

Now Next Dance brings techniques focusing on posture, efficiency of movement, and mindful breathing to individual and small group sessions in business or fitness environments.  Contact us to schedule a demo class. Our work is optimized for the corporate client, who manages a high-pressure work life, intense travel, and limited time resources. We work both with clients who rarely exercise and those training for marathons. For all clients, we teach ways to feel sharp, clear, and easeful in body and mind. We help companies cultivate a corporate culture that balances the motivating power of stress with the creative power of release.

Focused 30-minute sessions  address:

  • Stress management
  • Strengthening postural muscles
  • Alignment tools
  • Neuromuscular tension relief

Sessions are conducted in participants’ business attire. Group classes can be offered in conference rooms: most exercises are done while standing or sitting. Individual work can be offered either in an office or off-site. The sessions are effective and efficient; no time is wasted. Clients leave energized and focused.

In addition to our small group sessions, we offer workshops on special topics including:

  • Increasing physical presence in presentations
  • Holding space in high-pressure environments
  • Maintaining health on rigorous travel schedules
  • Restorative yoga and mindfulness
  • Post-partum/return to work wellness

We offer special programming for Women's Leadership programming where we teach emerging leaders ways to effectively command space and navigate postural and structural issues that are specific to women's wellbeing.